Business Sales can only be secured through good quality leads

Securing new business sales leads can be very costly especially when many are incomplete. This may be why crazy busy sales people must go beyond rapport building and truly make solid mutually beneficial connections.

Yet to achieve this relationship level is difficult. The Yankee Group suggested 70% of all new business sales leads estimated at $14 billion of a $20 billion lead generation industry deliver incomplete or inaccurate ideal customer profiles. Salespersons are walking in with a disadvantage because the background information is incomplete, inaccurate or just simply not there.

With the expansion of technology and businesses  and its impact of data collection, finding information on potential qualified customers or even just potential customers (a.k.a. prospects) is possible. However, time being a limited resource along with the reduction in support staff restricts the ability of today’s salespersons to secure all the necessary information so that:

  • Attraction is established
  • Relationship is built


People buy from people they know and trust. Even if they do not totally know or trust someone, the likelihood is that people will buy from someone they know even slightly over someone they do not know at all.

To achieve that level in the overall buyer seller relationship does suggest quality information about the potential customer is required. Unfortunately with over 20 million people engaged in the role of selling, there are probably a lot of people vying for the same information. Maybe this is why social media sites such as LinkedIn have become so popular for business to business (B2B) professionals.

Additionally this may help to explain why sales professionals must move beyond building rapport and focus on making a genuine connection. To be able achieve this level in the relationship does suggest you as the sales professional have made a personal, authentic and genuine connection between the information you have and your potential buyer.