Why should you not give out candy in halloween treats

Halloween has always been associated with candy. However, what most adults should realize is that even though it is fun for children to dress up and go trick or treating, adults need to be more responsible and careful.

Non candy treats should be given out as there are a number of reasons why candy is not the right choice:


 fructose intolerance


  1. Children may have a number of food allergies. Most candy contains peanuts as well as other kinds of allergens. There are quite a few parents who do not allow children to go trick or treating as they are scared they will be given peanut containing candy. There are also children who are fructose intolerant and that is another reason why these candy should not be given.
  2. Most of the candy contains a lot of sugar. This increases the risk of obesity. Therefore, most people cannot hand out pure sugar treats knowing that it could cause a number of health conditions and diseases as well. There are a number of children who suffer from juvenile diabetes and they are not allowed to eat candy.
  3. There are very few candy which are toxic free. There are a lot which have food dyes and people with dye sensitivities have a lot of problems when they are given this kind of candy.
  4. Candy and sugar snacks stick to the teeth and braces. They are not good for the teeth or mouth pieces as well.
  5. When non candy treats are given to children, parents are relieved and can send children trick or treating without having to worry about what will be given to them.

You can check out more ideas in natural living blogwhich will be useful and can be given to children and people who are suffering from fructose intolerance.